Gateway Seminar: Reading Schedule

Our readings divide into two broad streams, with assignments for Tuesdays dealing with relatively abstract concerns and those for Thursdays assaying applied issues on which those concerns bear, sometimes directly and sometimes rather more obliquely. Accordingly, on Tuesdays we will read and discuss sections of The View from Nowhere Mortal Questions (VN); on Thursdays we will consider a motley of issues spanning many areas of philosophy from Mortal Questions (MQ).

Week One:

  • Thursday: MQ 14: Subjective and Objective 

Week Two:

  • Tuesday: VN I: Introduction 
  • Thursday:  MQ 2: The Absurd 

Week Three:

  • Tuesday: VN II: Mind
  • Thursday: MQ 12: What is it like to be a bat? 

Week Four:

  • Tuesday: VN III: Mind and Body 
  • Thursday: MQ 13: Panpsychism 

Week Five:

  • Tuesday: No Class
  • Thursday: MQ 4: Sexual Perversion

Week Six:

  • Tuesday: VN IV: The Objective Self
  • Thursday: MQ 11: Brain Bisection and the Unity of Consciousness

Week Seven:

  • Tuesday: VN V: Knowledge 
  • Thursday: MQ 3: Moral Luck

Week Eight:

  • Tuesday: VN VI: Thought and Reality  
  • Thursday: MQ 7: The Policy of Preference 

Week  Nine:

  • Tuesday: VN VII: Freedom
  • Thursday: MQ 8: Equality

Week Ten:

  • Tuesday: VN VIII: Value
  • Thursday:MQ 9: The Fragmentation of Value

Week Eleven:

  • Tuesday: VN IX: Ethics
  • Thursday: MQ 10: Ethics without Biology 

Week Twelve:

  • Tuesday: VN X: Living Right and Well
  • Thursday: MQ 6: Ruthlessness in Public Life

Week Thirteen:

  • Tuesday: VN X: Birth, Death, and the Meaning of Life
  • Thursday: MQ 1: Death

Week Fourteen:

  • Tuesday: Kinds: Given and Constructed (No reading) 
  • Thursday: MQ 5: War and Massacre 

Week Fifteen:

  • Tuesday: Quodlibetal
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